Saving time with real-time control

Instead of basing signal timings on traffic models that are minutes, days, or years old, Surtrac optimizes signal timings second by second based on the current traffic on the road. This true real-time response to traffic allows surtrac to dynamically coordinate signals as traffic conditions change.

Saving money with scalable deployments

Surtrac is a completely distributed system, designed to be robust to the uncertainties of traffic control. With no centralized computational bottlenecks, Surtrac deployments can easily grow incrementally to extremely large networks, and as new intersections are added, performance at existing Surtrac intersections will continue to improve.

Improving air quality by reducing emissions

Idling vehicles are a major contributor to air pollution. Making signal networks smarter with surtrac means less time spent waiting at intersections and reduced emissions, improving the quality of our air.